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Landscapes of Capital | Constructing the Database
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Constructing the Database

The database that organizes this archive is also a work in progress. The coding of the advertising texts, and the application of keywords and taglines, is far from complete. At present, every record minimally includes some keywords and a transcription of the ad’s spoken and/or written text. Other fields in the database, however, remain in early phases of development.

We invite discussion of what fields might be added, or subtracted, to make this collection more useful for research and teaching purposes? In addition to the basic identifier fields of title, corporate sponsor, year, and the fields devoted to keywords and transcriptions, the following fields currently exist in undeveloped form.

Ad Agency
Compositional Form
Notes and interpretive comments
Business Summary

We encourage students and researchers who identify absences in the keyword tags or in other fields to please contribute suggestions to us (using the comment feature at the bottom of each record), so that, over time, this database might more fully embrace a range of coding categories that could make it more powerful instrument for organizing and accessing the materials contained in the archive.

In effect, we are seeking to experiment with a database in which a multiplicity of researchers and study groups contribute to, and share, in generating the categories that can guide analysis. Obviously, different theoretical tags will be visible to researchers influenced by different theories: from Foucault to Latour to Bauman to Haraway to Hall, etc. This, we hope, will give rise to a community of scholarship that builds off a multiplicity of perspectives and a division of labor.

At the bottom of every page featuring an advertising record, there is a space where comments can be made.