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Landscapes of Capital | East Asia
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East Asia

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East Asia

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East Asia, capitalism, corporate towers, grand narrative, legitimation, third world, poverty, reform, solution, growth, development, globalization


Female voiceover: East Asia, it's the world's fastest growing region. Rapid growth in the past decade has transformed these countries, but recently their economies have slowed and there are still 350,000,000 people living in poverty. To sustain growth 1.5 trillion dollars must be spent on infrastructure in the next decade. Pollution needs to be controlled. Financial and state systems need reforming If this happens, economic growth will continue well into the next century. This message is brought to you by The World Bank.


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Quoted from their website: "The World Bank is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance. Its primary focus is on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries. This site provides an overview of how the Bank uses its financial resources, its highly trained staff, and its extensive knowledge base to help developing countries onto paths of stable, sustainable, and equitable growth." "Not a bank, but rather a specialized agency. The World Bank is not a "bank" in the common sense. It is one of the United Nations' specialized agencies, and is made up of 184 member countries. These countries are jointly responsible for how the institution is financed and how its money is spent. Along with the rest of the development community, the World Bank centers its efforts on the reaching the Millennium Development Goals, agreed to by UN members in 2000 and aimed at sustainable poverty reduction."




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"East Asia," in Landscapes of Capital, Item #1179, (accessed March 24, 2018).