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Landscapes of Capital | Information Age
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Information Age

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Information Age

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xerox.1999.information age





greek gods, information age, industrial age, knowledge, capital, intellectual capital, knowledge capital, documents, digital, electronic, coordination, inefficiency, control, communication, ideas, sharing, open exchange, idea economy, conversations


John Hurley as the head deity (set amid ancient Greek statuary, and the Greek gods looking down on the world; all are dressed as a chorus of minor Greco-Roman deities, the equivalent of our managerial stratum): "People, people today’s agenda -- the information age."

Chorus--"What happened to the Industrial age?"

Head: "That was last century."

Chorus--Those were the days. You built it you sold it

Head--No more living in the past
Today it’s not just what you make it’s what you know that matters

Single man--He always gets so proactive around the millennium

Head: "All I know is they need help communicating down there." [points downward at a white collar worker]..."He just quit and years of knowledge are going out the doorway."

Chorus--Isn’t there a way to capture what he knows?

Head--Over there she’s got thousands of documents on the network

Group--Finding out what she needs should be simpler

Head: "He’s got half a good idea over there . She’s got the other half."

Chorus--We get the picture

Single man--What are we supposed to do about it?

Head--"Make it simpler for people to exchange idea."

"Share documents"

"Have conversations"

Head--"Right, so they create knowledge they can use."

Chorus--They’ll need a digital office
With New software
New hardware

Head--"Relax, I’ve got us a partner down there."

Chorus--But they only make

Head-- Not anymore they don’t


Male voiceover: Keep the conversation going
Share the knowledge
The digital document company




Business Summary

Xerox Corporation is in the global document market, providing digital publishing, printing and copying equipment, and light-lens copiers and duplicators. Xerox's Document Processing activities encompass developing, manufacturing, marketing, servicing and financing a complete range of document processing products and solutions designed to make organizations around the world more productive. Xerox distributes its products in the Western Hemisphere through divisions and wholly owned subsidiaries. In Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia including Hong Kong, India and China, the Company distributes through Xerox Limited and related companies (collectively Xerox Limited). Fuji Xerox Co., Limited, an unconsolidated entity jointly owned by Xerox Limited and Fuji Photo Film Company Limited, develops, manufactures and distributes document processing products in Japan and other areas of the Pacific Rim, Australia and New Zealand, except for China. For the three months ended 3/31/00, total revenues rose 3% to $4.43 billion. Net loss applicable to Common totaled $254 million vs. an income of $333 million.




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"Information Age," in Landscapes of Capital, Item #1186, (accessed January 23, 2018).