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Landscapes of Capital | Senegal Hero
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Senegal Hero

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Senegal Hero

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Senegal Hero


Senegal, Africa, Olympics, global, sport, local heroes, pride


Marnaty Mbengue
Dakar, Senegal

Man on the street: Marnaty Mbengue, she is the best player here in Senegal
And everybody knows that
Marnaty Mbengue
You can ask anybody on the street here
You know Marnaty Mbengue
And they're gonna say yes
2nd man: This is the first time in our country that we go to the Olympic games.
1st man: She is like a hero here
2nd man: She's a hero
Ten thousand heroes
One place to find them all
Marnaty Mbengue: Maybe I'm the hero but I just want to be a simple basketball player
Written: Ten thousand heroes
One place to find them all
1st man: Senegal is going to the Olympics
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"Senegal Hero," in Landscapes of Capital, Item #1271, (accessed March 22, 2018).