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Landscapes of Capital | Possibilities
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Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks: People think Starbucks is an overnight success. I can tell you firsthand, quite the contrary.
Jim Sinegal, President & CEO, Costco: The opening of the first Costco was a significant moment. You’re on pins and needles. You’re worried about whether or not anyone’s gonna show up for the opening. Nothing’s quite as significant as that first one.
Tom Sternberg, Chairman, Staples
When we opened the first store, nobody came, but as that word of mouth spread, the volume began growing by 20 and 30%. By September of that first year we knew that we had a winner on our hands
Schultz: I think in order to run a company you have to have the ability to inspire others...
Sternberg: Leadership is all about people...
Sinegal: In order to be successful and in order to engender enthusiasm...
Schultz: You have to have the vision and the courage
Sinegal: You have to have passion
Schultz: People have got to want to follow you.
Success is not an entitlement, it has to be earned

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Havas' McKinney + Silver, Raleigh, N.C.



"Possibilities," in Landscapes of Capital, Item #1295, (accessed March 22, 2018).