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Landscapes of Capital | Legitimation
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Steve Fludder
Vice President, Ecomagination

Ecomagination is about environment and it’s about the economics of the solution at the same time

Mark Little
Senior Vice President & Director of Global Research

Ecomagination is a broad, captivating initiative that brings us all together to think about how we can make the world a better place

There’s a lot that we all have to do right now
We have to get economies jump started
We have to reduce carbon emissions and we have to address water scarcity
We’re investing aggressively in technologies for the future
We’re also engaging with governments and policy makers because the decisions that are being made right now are going to have an impact for decades to come

GE research is involved with the core of ecomagination bringing great technology to our businesses
We’re working on some fundamental technologies in wind energy, solar energy, battery storage that I know in 5 or 10 years will have a great impact on the marketplace

So as we sit here today we have the broadest portfolio of solutions to offer into the concept of the smart grid
We’re working with Florida Power and Light and Cisco to deploy a million smart meters in the city of Miami
Our ecomagination center is a place that we’re going to innovate new solutions in partnership with Masdar and the Middle East
We’re a very big player in the health care market saving our health care customers money in helping them to reduce their own carbon footprint at the same time
We have a GE annex engine that is all about reducing fuel consumption, improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions
Innovating around technological challenges, bringing new solutions to the world is what GE has been about for more than 100 years





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"Legitimation," in Landscapes of Capital, Item #857, (accessed March 22, 2018).